Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

International Mind Only Conference

Esteemed colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the International Mind Only Conference!

Mind Only is organizing the annual International Mind Only Conference and scholars' support in applied psychology worldwide.

Mind Only is an institute that teaches Buddhist psychology to people who want to apply this ancient wisdom in our modern world. It helps millions of people discover and understand their mind.

Inspiring by the success we have booked with Mind Only education system, we want to connect with all the scholars in applied psychology.

It is our mind that gives us knowledge. And it is the understanding of mind that leads us to wisdom. David Attenborough wrote: “We have come so far as we have because we are the cleverest creatures to have ever lived on Earth. But if we are to continue to exist, we will require more than intelligence. We will require wisdom.” (A Life on Our Planet, Witnessbooks, p.220).

We are hoping to work together with scholars and practitioners in applied psychology. Our goal is to inspire many generations to understand the importance of understanding the mind and discover the profound wisdom lying deep in each of us.

Only wisdom and peace can give us the chance to live harmoniously with each other and with all other species on this planet Earth. The path to peace can start with our annual conference.

We are excited about welcoming you to International Mind Only Conference!

Yours respectfully,

Cuong Lu


Founder of Mind Only, Institute for Buddhist Psychology